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Since his days as a bass player for a local Ohio rock band, Jam has always had an avid interest in music. Jam's early experience as a roller rink deejay made it easy for him to convert to line dancing deejay. Being a dancer and a deejay ensures that he knows the most popular dances on the circuit and how to count them in. His past experience includes many years of weekly local dances and workshops plus working some of the most prestigious dance weekends in the U.S., the Line Dance Marathon, Easterns Dance Challenge weekend, Myrtle Beach Linedancer's Spring Break and more. Jam's engineering background and hands-on knowledge of electronics equipment guarantees your event the best sound quality possible. As a professional deejay, he knows the techniques to keep any dance party moving!

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Phone: (732) 773-9001

Instructor/Choreographer: Pepper is a dance instructor, choreographer and line dance competitor from the New Jersey shore area. She specializes in dance instruction with a focus on country and high-energy dance music, the newest developments in line dancing, dance performances and demonstrations. A member of the United Country and Western Dance Council (UCWDC), Pepper has placed in Worlds 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2008 in Female Diamond Advanced Line, Diamond Renegade and Female Diamond Showcase Line. She is the 2008 World Champion in Non-Country Intermediate/Advanced Choreography and Diamond Renegade. She has also won many awards as a choreographer for her dances Badonkadonk, Groove Daddy, Bad Company, Shock'N, Jump Start and more. Her pattern partner dance, "Heart", won 2nd place at UCWDC Worlds in Nashville and her dances "Jump Start" and "Skaters Shuffle" have been used as competition dances. Her choreography has also been used for dance team competitions and demonstrations. In 2008, Pepper won her World Championships in Advanced Non-Country Choreography and Diamond Renegade. She has 18 years of experience teaching line dance at all levels and continues her own dance education in order to keep her skills current.

Dance Education: LineDanceSport certified Bronze Level I. Private lessons in line dance technique since 1999. Dance classes in tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, cha cha, swing and two step. Formal classes in roller dance, figures and competition judging. Attended UCWDC dance fundamentals judge's training workshop and Kelly Gellette's dance technique workshop.

Emcee: Pepper has also served as emcee at several dance weekends. Her unique voice, relaxed style on the microphone and knowledge of the dance community makes her an excellent choice as a professional speaker for any event.

Writer: An accomplished writer, Pepper has had her own dance column in the NJ Country Music Association (NJCMA) Country Music Scene Magazine for over five years and has also been a contributing writer for the 5678 Dance Magazine.

Webmaster: Pepper is also an electronics engineer and the web page developer for several popular dance websites including her own domain, www.RedHotCountry.com. She was awarded the 2003 Atlantic Seashore Dance Faire Lighthouse Beacon Award in recognition of her accomplishments and achievements that have increased interest, popularity and participation in the country western art form on a regional level because of her website. She was also awarded the jg2 Country Appreciation Award and was honored in 2005 to be the first "Who's Who" on the World Dance Newsletter website.


Atlantic Dance Faire
Beacon Award

jg2 Marathon
Appreciation Award

1st World Dance Newsletter
Who's Who

World Champion 2008

Worlds 2004 Renegade

2005 Diamond Renegade Pose

Pepper's Dance Competition Awards
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Pepper's dance experience began at the age of 4 performing in local shows in tap, ballet and jazz. Her interests shifted to figure and dance roller skating competitions where she won several awards and completed judges training. Surviving a bad car accident, her therapist encouraged her to find a hobby using her hands so she studied sleight of hand and soon became a magician's assistant in a popular local act. Years later traveling frequently for her full time electronics engineering job, she rediscovered her love of country music in Atlanta while watching a dance team perform to Dan Seal's song The Bop. From that moment on she was hooked. She went on to join and perform with the Hicks & Co Dance Team and then eventually go solo to compete in line dance showcase and become a traveling dance instructor. Her goal is to encourage, motivate and teach as many people as she can to love dancing as much as she does.


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