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Welcome to my links page. I've been collecting these links for several years so there are quite a few. Please have fun and spend some time looking around but don't forget to come back and visit me when you are done! If you find a broken link or would like to submit your favorite link please email .
Your friend in dance,

Hot Pepper's Step Sheets
Linedancer Magazine
Line Dance Fun
David & Janet's Partner Dancing
Partner Dances - Arjjaze
Western Dancers Archive
Country Americain (French)
Copper Knob
Big Dave
Mark Cosenza
World Line Dance Newsletter

Red Hot Country Videos
Step Sheets In Motion
Mark's Country Edge
Line Dance Lessons Online
Ballroom Lessons Online
Hip Hop Moves
Learn To Dance
Dance Tutor
Dance Store Online
Helen And Nita of Ohio
Line Dance Society Singapore
Wild Horses
Youtube Group: Linedancers

5678 Linedancing
A&S Linedancing
Banners And Boots
Blazing Boots
Big Dave
Billy Davies
British Western Dance Association
Best Western Dance Academy
Cactus Club
Caley's Country
Cowboys After Midnight
Crazy Gang
Dance Web
David and Karen's Line Dancing
David's Country Discos Line Dancing
Dollar And Dime
Dynamite Dot
Edgworth Outlaws (Alan G. Birchall)
Fahrenheit Studios (Superstar Productions)
Neville Fitzgerald
Alan Grrowler
Have Fun Go Mad
Chris Hodgson
Crazy Gang
Flicks And Kicks
Chris Hodgson
Honky Tonk Jukebox
Honky Tonk Pirates
Hooked On Country
Hot Steps Country
Indian Outlaws
Liam Hrycan
Gary Lafferty
Line Connection
Line Dance Krazy (Karen Jones)
Line Dance Lessons
Maggie Gallagher
Masters In Line
Jill McBride
Memphis Music
The Midland Mavericks (Martin Ritchie)
MT Groove
Outline Dancing
Outta Line Dance
Razor Sharp (Stephen Sunter)
Rob And Lisa
Route 66
The Rustlers CWD Club
Kate Sala
Smart2Dance (Mark Furnell)
Stars And Stripes
Stomp Music (Dave Sheriff)
Tempo Dancing Tables
Toni And Steve
Tulsa Shuffle Line Dance Club
TXX Promotions
Vine In Line
Western Dancing with Steve Mason
Wild Rose Western Dancers
Wild West Club
David Sinfield
Loose Boots
Southern Hotshots
Aurora Entertainments
Bear Essential
Kincardine Kickers
Lizzie Clarke
Bute Linedance Festival
Welsh Home Of Line Dance

Bill Bader
Blazing Boots
Boots 'N' Spurs
Country Americain
Club Dance of Quebec (French)
Country Danse Mag (French)
Michelle Chandonnet/Marc Archambault (French)
Cowboys Quebec (French)
Dance Line (Judy McDonald)
Dance With Marg
Dance With The Pooh (Winnie Yu)
Deb and Tom Selzler in Kelowna, British Columbia
Ecole Star Dance
Gabby's Girls Dance Team
Honky Tonkin' Canada
Hats Off To Dancing
Keeping It Country
Let's Dance - Cool Country Nights (Robert Fielder)
Michele Perron
Pijo Country Pop of Quebec
Stay-In-Line (Viviene Scott)
The North Rocks - Anita McNab
Line Dancing With Carmen Mah
The Great Big Party

Millquarter Linedancer of Austria
Bastiaan van leeuwen of Belgium
Belgium Country Western Association
Sunshine Cowgirl in Denmark
Tombstone Dancers in Belgium
The Outlaws in Denmark
Capital Heels in Finland
Country Webzine (France)
Kick N Clap Dancers in France
Top 10 Country in France (Gerard & Sylvie)
City Stompers in Germany
Country Online in Germany
Line Dancing in Holland
The Renegade in Italy
Do Si Do Dancers in Nederland
Railroad Dancers - Dutch Line Dance Group
SCDF in the Netherlands and Belgium
Western Line Dancers in Norwayy
Funky Dance Factory in Norway
Bootstompers in Sweden
Burnvalley Club in Sweden
Country Music in Switzerland
CW Dance in Switzerland
Cat Country Dance of Spain
Corbi Land of Spain
Cities In Line of Spain
Ness Linedancer of Spain
Vinga Rockers Linedance of Sweden

Country Goss
Cowboy Culture
Dallas Line Dancers
Dancin' Down Under
Dare To Dance
Lance's New Zealand Line Dancing
Line Dancing Kiwi Style
New Zealand Line Dancing
Northern Riders
Philip and Bev Osmond
Sandy Kerrigan
Strictly Line Dance

Happy Country Dancin'
Nagoya Crazy Feet - Martha Ogasawara
American Dance Ranch (Setsuko Motoki)
Japan Line Dance Association

Fun Stompers
Bronya Bishorek
Mutiara Line Dancers

Country Line Dance Championships
Country N Line
Dance Diary
Fun Dancer
Jus Danz
Line Dance Society Singapore
Silver Spurs
Singapore Stompers
Tennessee Tornados (Vincent & Felicia Chia)
Country Bandwagon

Oli Geir

Buenos Aires Country Music

Arizona Line Dance
Tony and Lana of Arizona
U Can Line Dance of Arizona

Bonanza Bash Cool Country of California
Country Calendar of California
Cactus Corners of California
Country Western Style Dance Center of California
Dancin' Jim of California
Diamonds in the Rough of California
Doris Volz of California
Erich and Kathy of California
Hedy McAdams of California
Henry Costa of California
Incahoots of California
KC Douglas of California
Mike's Country Dancing of California
Move In Line (Bracken Ellis) of California
Norm Gifford & Phyllis Finn of California
Red Hot Kickin' Country of California
Rita's Rock-n-Rodeo of California
Steppin' Back To Country of California
Sundance Dance Club of California
The Dancing Cowboy of California
Wild Horses of California

The Colorado Country Connection

Just Gotta Dance of Connecticut (Paula Frohn)
Just Dancin' Around of Connecticut
Cadillac Ranch of Connecticut
The Dance Ranch of Connecticut (Tina Veliotis)

Joanne Brady of Delaware
Joe White of Delaware
Jim Krywko of Delaware

Bill McGee of Florida
Cactus Moon of Florida
Carl's Entertainment of Florida
Country Grapevine of Florida
Country Time Dance Lines of Florida
Crank It Up And Dance (Terri Alexander) of Florida
Dancin' Around of Florida
Dance Newsletter of Florida (Carol Craven)
Dance Orlando of Florida
Dancin' With Marilyn of Florida
Dancin' With Suzanne of Florida
Debi Dillow of Florida
Hoss Marting of Florida
Kip Sweeny of Florida
Moon Dnce Retreat of Florida
Nancy Morgan of Florida
Sandi Brooks of Florida
Sandy Albano of Florida
Stella Cabeca of Florida
The Round Up of Florida

Peach State of Georgia
Lee and Susan of Georgia
Atlanta Line Dance of Georgia
The Dixie Twisters of Georgia
Scott Schrank of Georgia
Nashville Waikiki

The Crossroads of Idaho

Chicago Country of Illinois
Marty Hannah of Illinois
Mark's Country Edge of Illinois
Country Gamblers of Illinois
Terri and Larry Boezeman of Illinois
Just Us of Illinois

8 Seconds Saloon of Indiana
Rick and Deborah of Indiana
Jim and Diann of Indiana
Bud and Diane of Indiana
Jim and Robbie of Indiana
Kwik Step Productions of Indiana

Dancing in Kansas

Dancing in Kentucky
Night Moves Dance Club in Kentucky
Downtown Country Kentucky
New Star Country Palace Kentucky

The Honky Tonk Stompers of Louisiana

Total Linedancers of Maine

Roz and Nat of Maryland
Fred and Ro Lord of Maryland
Chris' Dancing Page of Maryland
Debbie Tuttle of Maryland
Capital Dance of Washington D.C-Baltimore, Md
Cancun Cantina of Maryland
Norm's DJ Service of Maryland
Barry Durand of Maryland
Rendezvous Dance Club of Maryland

Club Country of Massachusetts
DL Dance Enterprises of Massachusetts
Wildman DJ Louie of Massachusetts
Tmsdancer of Massachusetts
United We're Country of Massachusetts

Blackberry Creek Dancers of Michigan
Chance To Dance of Michigan
Diamondback Saloon of Michigan
Hooked On Country Dancin' of Michigan
Parish Country of Michigan
Spurs Dance Club of Michigan
Ted, John, & Friends Line Dancing of Michigan

Dancing In Minnesota

Wild Coyote's of Mississippi

Dancin' Up A Storm of Missouri
Rebels And Rogues of Missouri

Pure Country Dance Hall of Nevada

New England
Country Western Connections of New England
Dance Resource of New England

New Hampshire
Vera Brown of New Hampshire

New Jersey
Red Hot Country of New Jersey
NJ Country Music Association of New Jersey
Bronco Jim of New Jersey
Centro (Music Box) of New Jersey
Colorado Cafe of New Jersey
Country At It's Best of New Jersey
Dance N Style of New Jersey
Honky Tonkin' of New Jersey
Hooked On Country of New Jersey
K98.5 of New Jersey
Prospectors of New Jersey
Ramblin' Country of New Jersey
Steppin' With Trixie of New Jersey
Whiskey Cafe of New Jersey

New Mexico
CW Dance of New Mexico

New York
Ashokan Fiddle & Dance Camp of New York
Big Apple Rance of New York
Cajun Connection of New York
Cityline Country Dancers of New York
Country Mavericks of New York
Cowboy Stuff of New York
Just Country of New York
Kevin's Dance Page of New York
Kickin' Up Country of New York
Long Island CMA of New York
Long Island Country Dance Connection of New York
Nashville Attitude of New York
NYC CMA of New York
Outlaws of New York
Pure Country of New York
Shall We Dance of New York
Sherry Palencia of New York
The Western Steppers of NY
Westchester Ballroom of NY
Winnies Dance Ranch of NY

North Carolina
jg2 Country of North Carolina
Bill & April of North Carolina

Cleveland Linedancing
Country Cut-Ups of Ohio
Country Dancing In Ohio
Country Diamond Dancers of Ohio
Helen And Nita of Ohio

Rock N Rodeo of Oregon
Line Dance With Patricia of Oregon
Robbie Halvorson of Oregon

Bev D'Angelo of Pa
Bill Country Stompers of Pa
Boot Scooters of Pa
Club Montana West of Pa
City Slickers Country Kickers of Pa
Dare 2 Dance of Pa
Dave Kim of Pa
Denim And Lace of Pa
Jane R of Pa
Joe White of Pa
Lakeside Ballroom of Pa
M. R. Boots of Pa
Our Country Place of Pa
Pocono Cowboy of Pa
Pure Country Dancers of Pa
Sam's Place of Pa
Southwest Style of Pa
TKs Lounge of Pa
WXTU of Pa

Rhode Island
Bill O'Brien of Rhode Island
Dan Albro of Rhode Island
Diamond Rodeo of Rhode Island

South Carolina
Love 2 Dance of South Carolina

Ardi Lawrence's "Heart of Country" of Tennessee

Billy Bob's of Texas
Don Chesshir of Texas

Club Omni of Utah
State Fair of Utah

Dancin' Dean of Vermont
Jack & Mary Jane's Country Dance Club of Vermont

The Banque of Virginia
Cattle Annies of Virginia
Ellis Studio of Virginia
Gail And Robert of Virginia
Gotta' Dance of Virginia
Jackie & Brian of Virginia
Moore Country Kickers of Virginia

Washington D.C.
DCDanceNet of Washington D.C.

Steve From Dodge of Washington

Dancalot of Wisconson
Dancing In Wisconson
Trent & Mary of Wisconson

The Honky Tonk Dance Floor
Honky Tonkin' USA

American Country Dance Assoc
CLDAS - Singapore
International Dance Productions
Japan Line Dance Association
Line Dance Assoc Of Austrailia
Masters In Line
Northern Virginia CW Dance Association
S.C.D.F. St. Country Dance Foundation Netherlands
Southern Maryland CW Dance Association
Swiss National Teacher's Association for Country Western Dance
United Country Western Dance Council (UCWDC)
WDAOI - Ireland
World CDF

Gabby's Girls from Vancouver, BC Canada


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    Your Country Home
    Arts Books
    Sapphire Swan Dance Directory

    Ken's Cliparts

    Ken's Country & Western Site (Cool Cliparts)

    The NJ Country Music Scene
    5678 Magazine
    Country Weekly
    Country Grapevine
    Line Dancer Magazine
    Kicker Magazine

    Country Dance TV
    Kermit Dukes Photography
    Line Dance Online
    Ray Bowers Photography

    Appel Farm
    Atlantic City Shows
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    PNC Arts Center
    Ritacco Center
    South Street Seaport
    Sovereign Bank Arena
    Starland Ballroom
    State Theater
    Tweeter Center
    Westbury Music Fair
    WXTU Radio, Pa

    Algonquin Arts
    NJ Arts Council
    NJ Performing Arts

    Big Apple Ranch of New York
    Country Mavericks of LI, New York
    Columbus Stompers of Ohio
    D.C. Cowboys of Washington D.C.
    Gay Country Line Dancing of Tampa, Fl
    Gays For Patsy of Boston
    International Gay Rodeo Assoc
    Othersiders of Norfolk, Va
    Outlawz of Cleveland, Ohio
    Rainbow Wranglers of Cleveland, Ohio
    Southern Line of Atlanta, Ga
    Sundance Saloon of San Francisco
    Switch (Club Connexions) of New Jersey

    American Callers
    Harry Fox Agency

    A+ Vacations
    Dance Across The Seas

    Adaptive Dancing

    Worldwide Dance Instruction Survey
    Best Known Dances 2000/2001

    Dancing With Dogs
    Dancing With Cats
    The Elephant Dance
    Dance With You
    Hampster Dance
    Big Dance List
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    Brass Bit Discount Western Wear
    Crystal Ware Belts
    Country Barn Mall
    Dalhart Custome Boots
    Dance Spirit
    Debbie's Round Up Mall
    Double H Western Wear
    Drysdales Western Wear
    Fashions by Sheila
    M.R. Boots
    Mr. Tips Boots and Accesories
    Prairie Sioux
    Spencer's Western World

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    Dance Dresser
    Dance Shoes Ballroom
    Dance Connections
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    Dance Doodahs
    Dancer Designs
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