The "King of Line Dance", Pedro is the 1997, 1998 and 1999 World's Line Dance Champion in the Showcase, Renegade and Superstars Divisions. Pedro's focus as a dancer is on style, technique, and execution, which he demonstrates every time he steps onto the dance floor. Pedro is an entertainer and a crowd motivator. He travels the world performing, instructing, and instilling the joy of dance into everyone's hearts. You haven't seen line dancing until you've seen Pedro.


Leather Dawgs:

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Unique Style:

No one can compare to Pedro's style of performing and teaching line dances. Click Here for information about his upcoming workshops.


Pedro is most noted for his choreography of line dances such as Mambo #5, Cha Cha Loco, King Of The Road and more. Click Here for a full list of his dances.


Enjoy Pedro's photo collection through the years from his many travels around the world. Click Here to view his photo gallery!